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Getting the right information and knowing where to turn and who to ask are problems for every entrepreneur. On this page you will find solid, trusted sources of information that will help you.

Finding sources: Grants, Loans, And Investors

For many small companies the primary sources of funding will be from grants, loans, and investors. Each of these has pluses and minuses and it is important to learn which method of financing is best for you and your company. Loans need to be repaid, investors will need a part of your company (equity), while grants come with stipilations on how it can be spent. Learn more about the different sources of funding and where to find them.

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Books and Branch


Start with these three books to build a strong foundation for growing a successful business. All are available on Amazon, however, click on the links below to purchase online from independent minority- and/or women-owned bookstores.


The Lean Start Up by Eric Ries. Here you will learn about starting a company with limited resources and the Minimally Viable Product approach to getting to market.


Measure What Matters by John Doerr. This remarkable book will teach you how to run your new business the same way he taught Google when they started—and many other companies he has helped.


VIP Member's Resources

We appreciate all of our members and work hard to create resources to help you reach your goals. We develop resources that we use, recommend, and new information that we believe you may need. If you have any suggestions or ideas, reach out to us.

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