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How To Create Your Website and Start Earning

Creating an online presence take time and control of your content. Get started with your domain and earn an income doing what you love, have fun with creating content and learning from it.

Where to Start Planning

Earning online begin with a combination of your skills, creativity and how much the market is in demand at the moment. Take a look at past business failure and success to help you with a slight prediction on the future market. When you want to get started the most important thing you wish to do is find a need in the market and provide the service or product they want. Your inspiration can come from an existing product and service, creating your original idea is another way to go. Making money online does take hard work, but if you learn to do it right the first time, you will see success. Make sure you come with commitment, an open mind, and the work ethic that it takes to succeed online. Your success depends on working long hours for minimum pay to begging with, later your rewards will build up, and you will get the results you want.

Branding Yourself Online

If you would like to have a successful business online and earn maximum revenue you want to own the work that you do. That means taking some critical steps to separate yourself from the competition and gaining loyal customers. 1.Register a Domain 2.Get Hosting 3.Design Website 4.Start Generating Traffic

Why you Need your Own Domain?

With so many steps to building a website, starting with these four steps first are not only important but can give you an advantage when you initiate.

Register a Domain Name Web Host Original Content Generating Traffic

The first thing that most people turn to is a free website; This can be your biggest handicap online as a new business. You may wonder why you need to purchase a site domain, well this is to have ownership of all your content online. If you are using a free page, it is like building an asset for someone else the whole time. A domain gives your website an identity and makes it easy for people to find you again. Never have an add shown on your site that you do not want, free sites are full of them. For example, if you have a free WordPress blog go and view your website, WordPress from time to time run ads on your site. Nothing is free in this world, so it makes sense that the service they are providing you for free does cost them money, so in return, they run a few ads to make up for their cost. You may have little traffic because search engine like Google does not like free websites. They do not have an idea of how long your site will be in operation so you may not get high ranking on searches.

The cost very when it comes to the company, but it is worth it down the line. You control everything on your website, along with being able to post your affiliate advertisement's to earn an income from doing what you love.

Register a Domain and set up hosting

Your Domain and Hosting are easy to record; you have the choice to set them both parts with the same company if you would like. You can do it with two different ones if you would like, do what works for you. My top choice company to use is, they give you excellent service and have reasonable price plans to get started. Remember that your domain is how people are going to find you online. Make sure that it is presentable and related to what you will be talking about on your website. Make this catchy and short so people can have an easy time finding it. Try using the standard spelling that does not have too many variations; this could cost you traffic. Thinking of a domain name can be though if you think about it for to long so make it fun and just relate it to your topics. It could be a name relating to your industry, or even a product you offer. Keep your domain connected with all that you always do to have your business in front of your fans and customers.

Contents of your website Projects Short Contents Video Fundraising Blog Inspiration Articles competitions Strong Images Blog 30 Day Goals Apps Affiliates ​Trips How-to Guide

Having original content for your site is great, it keeps your visitors interest and gives you your material. Original content you ownership of all your work, and you are free to create how you please.

Introduce Yourself to your followers

Regardless of how much you dress up your website people still want to get to known you and what you stand behind. Get out there and introduce yourself to everyone so they can start coming back. Be genuine about your online presence from the beginning, never try to be someone you are not because that image will get harder and harder to keep up. Get connected with your fans and have conversations via social networks. Staying connected help the people that visit your website get comfortable with you and grow and trust your opinion. Make people feel welcome and safe on your site and they will be long term fans or even a customers in the future.

Always love your Fans

As everyone knows there are millions of people online everyday searching, creating, and networking. When you have a new follower on your website it is important to check in on them and maybe send them a welcome note, after you can send them love as often as you would like. Maybe you found cool new recipes to help someone that is working on losing weight. If you have a special promotion maybe share it with your fans first, little special event help business and people connect so use all the opportunities you get. Remember just because someone stop by your blog or a website does not mean they will come back every time you have something new. The ones that follow you online appreciate information or a real product you may have so always remembered to treat each and every individual with respect. People can, for the most part, feel your respect and do appreciate what you do.

Use Social Networks

When You have your Website up and running, give yourself an advantage by connecting all the social networks you have an account with on your websites homepage. Social networks can be an easy way for your visitors to share your blog with friends and their social circles. Give guests an easy access to what you do with your business online. Using Instagram is a great tool to showcase your company location, people, and even results, this can help control overloading your website with pictures and slowing your page loads. Facebook can be a way to connect with others and add a little piece of everything that you do for your website and business. People can 'like' your post and share it with their network and the group of friends. Create a fan page and be active on your Facebook page by connecting it to your website and getting all your events uploaded. Signing up for Pinterest is great, this allows you to connect your Twitter, Google+, and Facebook account to it. This way when you share a pin, it will feed through your other networks. Do not be afraid to maximize your social networks, sign up for tumbler, delicious, Linkedin and get connected. Find new friends and check out their profile and where their interest is a focus. You can find mutual interest in activities, with you interacting back and forth they will venture over to your page and check it out.

Build Your Audience The Most Important part of Building a website to earn an income online is getting traffic. I am not talking about a few views a day, but massive traffic to get views to click on your product or service and committing to purchase. On average, a viewer has to see a product or service about eight times before they go to look at what it may be. You want people to comment on your blog and leave product reviews, so yes that is why you need massive traffic. Think of it as the lifeblood of your website, so do not be afraid to market as soon as you have your site up and running. Building a website is only part of the work afterward you need to work on building traffic. Your visitors will come and continue to grow as the months go by; your job is to maintain high content to keep those visitors coming back. Build a website that represents you, what you do, and use your page to generate the income you want. In the beginning, your site may have light traffic but as the months go by it will continue to build and soon you will see thousands of visitors every day. Keep on creating your contents along with capturing your visitors attention when they stop on your site.

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