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Don't Allow Your Emotions To Control Your Money Habits

The best way to control your money is to start by learning to be more financially responsible. That means separating your needs from your wants before buying anything. It is no joke to play with your money and allow others to abuse it. The cost of living can get real expensive once it starts adding up, not to mention expenses with a high price tag. It's never about how much you make; it's about how hard your money works for you. So learn to take care of where your money goes and what is happening to it. In order to keep up trying to understand what is happening to your money, try asking your self:

Why do I want this item?

What is my purpose behind this purchase?

Why am I spending my hard earn money on this?

Is there a cheaper alternative to this purchase available for sale?

Am I making this purchase as a temporary 'feel good' moment?

It is important to learn to make sacrifices when living on a budget when you are learning financial literacy. It helps you control your spending and grow your finances. Don't just tell yourself, 'I want a new car' just because you have a new job. Carelessly spending your money is the reason why you never see it grow. The symptom of FOMO (Fear of missing out) may be a sign of deeper issues that you should be dealing with. One of the worst ways you could be wasting money is buying expensive gifts or giving a larger sum of money in order to impress them, gain friendship, or even keep family. Your spending habits should never be controlled by unhealthy triggers, learn to control your emotions and habits. At the end of the day, careless spending will not make you feel better or make anyone like you.

The goal is to be financially secure to enjoy living your life; you need to build your wealth on a solid foundation. Everyone has there own wealth and financial needs, so always plan accordingly. It is all about having the freedom to make financial decision choices not based on a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. You can now take on the impact of financial shock like a $1000 emergency that could come your way. Spend more time focusing on financial well being and less time keeping up with the latest trends on social media. Most of the material things you are collecting are only costing you money and are just liabilities. Your future self will thank you for setting aside assets, so you don't have to suffer as you get older.

Learning to control your finances means you are learning to control more of your life. At the end one the day, you will have to free do life a fulfilling lifestyle with the people that mean the most to you.


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