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Meet Your New Sitter

Kerby Mellon

House Sitter For Hire

House Sitter

Live In Florida

Request my police background check


Email Address

Phone Number  (813) 606-7610

Provider Type Individuals Services

House Care

Collect Mail 

Feed Pets 

Care For Plants 

Take Out Trash/Recycling 


Daily Rate $44.00 

Describe yourself and what you are looking for in a house sit 

I'm happy you stop by my profile; I am a new house sitter that is excited about starting something new. I have spent just about all my life in one place and would like to uproot and see what the rest of the world has to offer. I am looking forward to going to a new place and meeting different individuals from all over. I have worked in customer service for over six years, so I am a people person and proud of it. I make friends quickly with just about anyone and love conversation from small talk to complicated topics. I can be reached by email or phone so If you would like to talk just send an email or call. I reply within twenty-four hours to all emails and calls so we can better communicate.

Why do you want to house sit? *

I want to house sit to get out and do something different. I would love to be able to travel around and get in contact with everyone. I love animals, but unfortunately can not have one yet so I would love to take care of different pets to have a furry or feathery friend to play with. I am looking to being in a new location to get familiar with the surroundings to help provide me with new inspiration in my life.


Are you experienced? *
I am new at house sitting, but not new to taking care of a house. I am well organized, I pay attention to details and expect nothing but the best in my work. I keep a schedule of any task that needs to be completed for the day. I am experienced in cleaning a home, and I used to have little dog years ago, so I am familiar with taking care of a pet. I love animals, so follow instructions to take care of any pets is no problems. 

What can you bring to the assignment? *

I am not just interested in house sitting for the free room; I want to go and learn from my new surroundings and have a little fun along the way. I am always dedicated to my work so no worries for any task that will be required of me. I am not a drinker or a smoker, I live a reasonably quite lifestyle and work from my computer majority of the time, so I would be at the residence pretty much all day to watch the home and care for any animals.

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