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Let's Rebuild Your Life Together

Life Coaching that focuses on rebuilding your life from the bottom up. We build a strong foundation for careers, family ties, friendship, and all other areas of life that improve your lifestyle. Together we will discover what makes your heart beat; we will find your true passion.

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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps people live their lives to the fullest – to articulate and realize their dreams. Many seek a life coach for career issues, but life coaches cover all aspects of one’s life. Reasons to seek a life coach include:

  • Career change /career fulfillment

  • Health and fitness / getting or staying in shape

  • Relationships – finding time to nurture them, dealing with conflict or breaking up

  • Breaking old habits and creating new ones (eg, procrastination or perfectionism)

  • Finding ways to make a difference / have an impact

  • Wanting more fun / enjoyment / pleasure

  • Overall well-being


Why is it helpful to explore career issues with a life coach?

A life coach has a whole set of skills and techniques that lead to effective and successful coaching.

  • Life change often spurs career change.

  • Career coaching is most effective when looking at all aspects of a person’s life, not just their work life.

  • Career fulfillment happens when people feel the work they are doing expresses who they are at their core.

  • Life coaches have techniques that don’t just help clients dream, but also help them turn those dreams into action.

I don’t just help people figure out what they want to do – I help them figure out how to get there, how to navigate the inevitable obstacles, and how to make true change happen.

What does Freda offer beyond life coaching?

In addition to being a certified life coach, I have specific expertise in career coaching (including networking strategies, creative career exploration techniques, career assessments, resume development.) Most clients who contact me because they are seeking a life coach say they want to work on their career. Those seeking me for other reasons (eg, deciding whether to stay in a relationship or wanting to get in shape,) almost always end up working on career issues as well.

Ready to Start Feeling Better About YOU and your career?

I invite you to contact me for a 90-minute introductory coaching session ($195.00). This will give you the opportunity to experience the value of coaching first-hand, and together we will discover if there is a mutual fit.
Let's Get Started
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