We enjoy learning and growing every day, and the knowledge we get makes a world of difference in our life. That is why we want to share everything we learn and do our best to answer your questions. 

Kerby Mellon

Entrepreneur Sharing Business Tips and Tricks of the trade


Kerby is an entrepreneur, health enthusiast, and blogger that is building a new life. She as work at McDonald's for about five years participating in companies competition, growing to Assistant manager. She joined the Walt Disney World internship program in 2012 to work at the Hollywood studio READ MORE........

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Alexandra Mellon

Learn Everyday ways to Get Healthy With Me!

Everyday Health Advisor

Without your health, nothing gets done! That is why I write about straightforward and efficient ways to stay healthy. I blog about food, Healthy Drinks, and Other health related topics to keep you moving every day. Making sure you are healthy by checking with the doctor is, of course, a must. In the meantime look at mother nature's medicine on my blogs to manage stress, keep a healthy diet, and find some other resources to live healthy, sleep better, and wake up to a healthier day. 

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