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For the past five years, I have looked for ways to earn an income online that one works, and two pays you cash. 

In the beginning, I wanted to make money fast, so I tried so many different businesses out on the market to find success. That was a bad idea, I wasted a lot of money, I build no presence online, and I was even worsted off than when I begin.


Now I know better and have found that it is important to take your time to find credible companies. You want to have the freedom to do what you love and get paid to do so.


I started working online the right way back in 2015 and have never looked back. Below are some of the places I create a presence and earn a little income each month to support myself and my business. Think of what you want to do and check out some of the ways I use below to incorporate in your passion for earning an income every month.

Sharing your videos with the world has never been easier with YouTube to help you every step of the way. Launched back in 2005, YouTube allows just about anyone to share originally created videos of their passion, hobbies, and just any other information that want.  It is a distribution platform, so you create, and they make it possible for you to share. Bear in mind that they do have strict rules on contents and how to behave in the community. All-in-all it is a great place to share videos and earn revenue from ads that are placed on your videos. 

Blogging and writing articles may not earn you a million dollar right off the bat, but it is an excellent way to build your brand. One of my favorite thing to do is share the information others, so I blog!​
Earn money from ads, affiliates product sales, and selling your very own products. Use platform like Hubpages, Wix, Wordpress, Blogger and infobarrel to share and earn.

Have you heard of affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting a product or service that other people or companies offer.


The objective is to go online and find a product or service you have tried, you like and trust than promote it to others. You share your experience and or results, give a review to the new customers. If interested they will use your link to go over and make a purchase from the company or person to give it a try themselves. After a sale is made and the customer is satisfied and no refund as been issue you will get a percentage of the profit from the company for every sale you make. How and when payouts are made are based on each company and individuals so ask them when partnering up with a company. 

Live a Life where you can take your work with you anywhere. Work when you want and make the money that supports the lifestyle you deserve. 

Live a Life where you can take your work with you anywhere. Work when you want and make the money that supports the lifestyle you deserve. 

Take Surveys Online 

Another way to earn a few dollars online A Month Is Taking Surveys

Choose from a number of surveys to take and spare just a few minutes of your day

A Well known online marketing and survey research companies Swagbucks

Get free gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys and so much more! MyPoints Surveys

Creating a BIG name for themselves, accessible to all users with little clutter and needles along with unintentional subscriptions Vindale Research

Provide a range of surveys along with emails opportunities that pay you in cash Inboxdollars


Creating A Site Allows you To Create

A Platform where You Control the Contents,

Adds and Earning A Passive Income As early as the First Year 

Freelance Your Skills

As A freelancer you will be self-employed and offer services to multiple clients in need. Setting up a business where all the operating hours, price, services offer, and other online target markets of the clientele is chosen by you. Usually, freelancers earn a higher income than other that are employed by a company. 

As a freelancer, you will have flexible hours, work either full time or part time and change the hours to fit your schedule. Contracts will be chosen by you and you much like an independent contractor. 

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