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Starting Your Small Business and Financing

Starting a small business? one off your most important part is accounting. Understanding that the lifeblood of that business and its finance is a game changer. Careful planning and research help with locating all your resources. Start-ups can start from your own wallet and reach all the way to a bank loan, but remember minimizing your bills is key.

As an entrepreneur you want to first plan exactly how you are going to move forward. One of the best part of moving forward with your plan is that most likely you will be venturing in a field that is your passion. Most entrepreneurs turn their passion into a career, that helps you with your vision. Now that you known where you want to go it is time to find out how your going to get there.

Financing your business is very important, when starting you need to make sure long-term goals are your top priority. Running a successful business start with strong planning and money management to avoid unnecessary debt. Writing out a plan helps you understand your cost to open, run, and support your business for years to come.

Deciding on your business financial need center around your cost for inventory, labor, office, if you have them employees for the most part. One business cost will vary from another depending on a virtual or physical site.

Choose a financing option that benefits your business to get started on the right path to success. Different financial options are available to fund your business and stay on budget.

-Selling unwanted personal items on eBay/Amazon

-Your personal savings

-Family and Friends

-Credit Cards


Starting out with selling your unwanted personal items is a great way to have some money on hand. It's a great way to finance yourself without worry of interest or paying anyone back. Think of any collection you no longer want that are just collecting dust around your house. I collected anything Disney related over the years just because I thought that with the Disney brand they will always be worth money. I open a eBay store a few months after I came back from my internship and have made great sales with all my products. It has giving me the option to run that business while I plan on my other business with the profits I make. If you did not have anything you collected check friends and family and ask them about anything they do not want and are willing to part with them for free.

Remember you want to find a way to start making money by not spending any, focus on that goal and do not venture off and get distracted. The option to go and just use your savings, but be very careful and plan on not just wasting your money that you have spent a good amount of time putting away. It will help to use a part of your savings to make sure you have a backup. It is always wise to not putt all your money in one place, you never known how an investment may turn out.

If you decide to go with the borrowing options remember to plan out exactly how much you will need and how you plan on paying the money back. Setting your plan up with a great presentation, PowerPoint, and even just a board is extremely important. You will be able to see your ideal clearly but for others it will be hard to visualize. You want to show them exactly what you see, a great business plan will help you do that. Your friends and family are close but it is there hard earn money they are lending you so make them believe. If they are able, try to borrow from them. If credits cards and loans are the route you choose, borrow just enough to get you started. When some people are using their credit cards sometime they forget the interest and paying back can add. If it is an option make this your last result because whether you make a profit or not you are on a time limit to pay them back and you do not want to risk bad credit. Be responsible with taking out money that is not yours and remember you have that money for your business and not other expenses.

Success is all about planning and always working hard to make your vision. As a new entrepreneur working hard and utilizing all your resources will be an important key to your success. You have great resources at your finger tips when you start. Bing offer a free coupon to start you off as a new Bing ads registrar, you may also receive one from Google ads, foursquare may also give you coupons to start your ads. Remember do not spend money if you do not have to, most of the hosting packages do offer advertising coupons after you sign up for a year or more membership. Remember that planning and managing your finance will keep your business on a successful route.

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