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How To Be financially Literate and Build a Business

Money is essential in today's world, everything you do in life as a price tag. People look for job security because they want to have the ability to buy what they want. No matter the pay at my jobs I never thought I was secure in my position or income. I realize the best way to ensure my money was to control it myself. Remember in the previous chapter we talk a little about starting your own business? It was not easy thinking that way, but I decided to create another stream of income for myself. The key is to focus on the end results, having a vision fuels your passion and keep your soul on fire. I push down that scared little voice inside my head to fight the person I longer wanted to be and work on the person I want to become. Now it was time to get smart about looking at money from a scientific point of view, not on my emotions to be financially free.

Financial studies take long hours to master, hard work through trial and error of implementing what you have learned. If you do not know what an asset is and what are liabilities now is the time to find out. First, learn about your liabilities, cars, home, and yes even the people in your life can be a liability. They all cost you money, money you work for and usually have no returns. My favorites are of course assets; these guys make your money every time you invest in them. A rental property could be an asset, investing in new technology for your business is an asset to your company. Assets can be part of a good debt to build your business. Don't worry about the cost for now, because it is an investment you looked at the numbers and already check the facts, so you are solid on the returns. Do what the rich do, stop following the crowd, get the facts and make your decisions. There is no big secret to wealth, it all lies in your financial intelligence.

Managing money is one of the hardest skills I ever had the pleasure of learning. Do you know how much of your paycheck you keep after ALL your expenses for the month?

Take your passion and make it a career choice

The first step to starting your business is planning, write a business plan that is particular to the business venture you choose. Once you have something that makes you heart sing every day build a future around that passion. Most of us have the potential to be great, it all depends on the individual's determination to be successful. Your career options in today's world are unlimited, take yourself out of the box and start looking at those options.

What are You Passionate about achieving in Your Life?

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