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The Disney Collage Program: It's All About The 'Disney Magic

Your First Step

Do You want to be a part of the Walt Disney World Magic? All you have to do is get started. When you join the Disney College Program, you become a cast member. Taking part not only as a student to learn, but you get an experience of a lifetime. With this unique program, cast members get to network with leaders, take a look at their personal career options and classes that help zero in on a future career. Learn to provide top quality guest service experience, use teamwork to succeed, and most of all effectively communicate to provide the complete 'Walt Disney World Experience.'

Start by Meeting the Standard Requirements

As a student you MUST be presently enrolled and taking your classes at an accredited college or university in the United States, you also need to have at least one semester completed before applying.

If you are a High school student not yet graduated with dual enrollment at a college, you may not apply. Students who are currently enrolled in school but are taking "time off" are not eligible. Thinking about joining as freshmen? You may apply while completing your first semester to attend the program starting your second semester. If you found this application on your last semester and still want to participate, no worries because you still have the option to attend right after graduation. You only need to be enrolled at the time of your interview. While this program is cater to undergraduate students, feel free to apply as a Graduate student and look for the professional internships Disney offers.

Make sure to meet your school requirements As a student Disney expect you to stay focus on your education, that means meeting any additional requirements the school needs. Starting with but not limited to your G.P.A., credit hours you earn, the grade level you are in, and the number of credits you earn. Your school will be contacted to verify all these or more requirements before proceeding.

Meet the age requirement when your program starts. When you arrive to start your Disney experience, make sure you are at least 18 years of age. Make sure that if you are an international student you have unrestricted work authorization in the United States. International students are required to be studying on an F-1 or J-1 visa when they apply for the program.

Me Standing outside of the 'World' at Epcot waiting for 'the worlds' to open at 11 am. Me Standing outside of the 'World' at Epcot waiting for 'the worlds' to begin at 11 am.


You have the option to work in two different places; both locations are in an excellent state. It all depends on how much you want to travel or where you would prefer.

Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, this is where you get to work with the largest park. As the most visited park, with over 52.5 million visitors annually you can see why it is so grand. It is a total of 24 themed resorts and hotels, four theme parks, two water park, four golf courses and other additional recreation and entertainment venues. Wondering how big all of this is? Well Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida property covers 42,000 acres.

Want to work at a smaller park for you Disney College Experience? Apply for Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. It is significantly less that the Florida Park, covering 6,964,250 SQ feet (647,000 m²).

Be part of the Magic

Become a Disney College Participant and start creating magic for everyone worldwide. If you are looking to be a part of Disney, this is sure one of the best and most memorable ways to do so.

•Be an intern •Live with people all over the world •Enjoy everything there is and more about the parks and resorts

The Disney Look: Every detail Counts

If everyone that visit was asked about the look of the cast members they would probably say how well it fits into the park. The cast members attire as always been a friendly, classic appearance, also known as the 'Disney Look.' A clean, natural, and polish appearance for all cast members for all members that are in or out of costume. Look for specifics details and stay clean with these tips for male and female.

If you have any intentional body alterations, they have to remove upon arrival for the program. These are any visible tattoos that you may have on you arms legs or face that will show while you are on stage. The reference to you been on stage is use frequently at Disney to when cast members are out in the park where guest can see them. Traditional piercing on women is no problem, only that you have small, basic earnings. Before you arrive, just make sure that you can completely cover those piercings and tattoos while on stage. Guys should have a clean haircut; ladies wear Conservative styles like simple braids and ponytails. All hair colors should be a natural color like shades of blond, brown, and black.

If you wear prescription glasses and sunglasses, make sure that they come with a simple frame. A simple, solid color with no contradicting logo or design on it. If you are just wearing sunglasses to shade your eyes from the hot summer day make sure they apply the same rules.

The Process

First, you apply for the program through the web application on the Disney college program page at You will be asked to complete a web interview next once your application is selected. You will then be waiting for a reply that Disney would like a phone interview with you. Now this part is important that you be yourself and be at ease. You will be asked questions based on your experience, services you can provide, and your opinion on the particular situation. All you have to do is be yourself and answer honestly.

Receiving your acceptance envelope is the next step when Disney decide to accept you in the program. You now will see the instructions leading back to logging into your dashboard on the with the username and password. All instructions will be clearly listed to make sure you get all the necessary steps complete to start your experience.

Before you leave it is required that you put on a deposit down to hold your apartment (it is about $200 to $300) may or may not have gone up. Fees will cover the cost of your apartment for the first two to three months until you start getting paid. Now pack your bags and get ready to drive or fly to your destination, that mean to take care of tickets, renting a car, and whatever other travel needs that apply.

Find Great Rewards

You will not just be working at Walt Disney World, but also receive great cast members rewards. As a cast member, you will be receiving a weekly pay based on the hours you work, you get a direct deposit with a debit card company provided by Disney. No need to worry about work clothes because all costumes are provided, clean, and ready for you by Disney.

Enjoy even more discounts based on your internship status at Walt Disney World. You will receive discounts at select Walt Disney World ® and Disneyland ® dining, merchandise, and recreation locations. Discounts for stays at selected Walt Disney World ® and Disneyland ® Resort hotels. Fell like going on a cruise line, you can now receive discounts even on those trips. Many of the local business around Orlando offer discounts to Disney College program participants, a great place to receive them is the Orlando outlet mall. One of the best perks is the theme park admission for cast members and their families. You always get in free along with free past for three other family members for free. Free passes help you save on tickets, you and your family can have fun all day together. Some other great perks come with being a cast member working at Walt Disney World.

If you are looking for a little more in the education point of view, check out what they offer while you are in the program. Find lectures that they offer, attend leadership meetings, and even get free use of the computer room with a printer to collect information and learn more. Let us not forget to look to give back to the community. Disney has a 'Disney Volunteers' program where you and other cast members can participate and help the community.

** Remember that Benefits vary by employment site and maybe change at any time. ** Let us not forget about those Block-out dates along with other restrictions that apply.

Pick the Right Apartment

When you join be sure to know about the apartment complex and find the one that suits you. Chatham Square looks great and is quiet. It is one of the newer buildings and offers great enmities like the pool, gym, and much more.

•Price varies •All international students stay in one complex •Remember the number of roommates you want to have

Make Good Judgments when Joining

When you join the Disney College Program, you will officially be one of the Cast Members. Disney takes great pride in stage presence, make sure just to use your head and follow the rules. When it comes to your appearance good judgment is essential, remember you represent Disney now so show it. Disney is the most famous company around the world. That is where you make sure you remove anything from you hair, nail, face, or clothing appearance that can be consider distracting or offensive to the Disney Look.

When you apply for the program make sure that you will be able to commit to a clean, simple, professional look for the Parks, Resorts, or anywhere else you may be working. I enjoy every minute of my internship at Disney because I went in with the right attitude to work and play. It is about a new experience, meeting new people, making them happy, and growing as an individual so take advantage to open up and learn more about yourself. It may sound like a lot of work but is the opposite. The Disney College Program helps you to discover the magic of bringing a family the one and only 'Disney Experience.'

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