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How to Use Simple Videos To Market Your Business

Making a video for your business may seem unimportant in the beginning, but you would be surprised at the payoffs. According to somScore Inc. that is a digital marketing measurement company the average internet user will watch about 186 videos a month. It may be something as simple as looking for how to videos, something to entertain themselves, or just a videos that have gone viral.

Having just a two to five minutes videos engaging people on a major network like YouTube works better than any text or picture could. You want people to pay attention to bring a face, voice, and best of all personality to each video to keep your viewers. You can now demonstrate your skills, authority that shows the passion you have for your business. If you want to boost your email response up to even 50 percent add a video to get noticed.

Don't worry if you are not a pro because all you need is a camera and a basic online video editing tool. Small cameras can cost from $20 to $3000, so you have a full range from which to choose. "I started filming videos on my laptop camera and later purchase a Canon Power Shot SX400IS after making an income in a year". You can use some free software to start out with 'Lightworks,' they have a great program along with many tools to make a great video plus it is all FREE!. "I use lightworks in the beginning and later on purchase Adobe Premiere Elements to improve my skills." All you need is a small script with your thoughts and what you want to say about your business. Video marketing is a great tool for just about any small business to enhance their marketing efforts while keeping the cost down on their budget.

Choose Video Topics That Will Grow Your business; it's not hard to come up with ideas. These videos goal is to inform everyone about your business.

You want to star with videos that explain who you are and what you do. That means talking about your business, but also showing them how your business work. The more prospects know about your business, the more likely they are to make a purchase. These first videos would be an excellent way to introduce any staff you have in the office. You customers will see the commitment you are putting in your business by looking the efficient staff you hire to service them. Customers like to know they can trust you to give them the best service, having the right staff makes them feel inform and your company more trustworthy.

Let costumers see themselves in your videos ( with their permission of course) use their testimonies. The best spokesperson for your business are your customers; people will trust their reviews because they are a customer as themselves and expect them to be honest. Having a video of customer testimonials help people see themselves using that product or service. You can even engage them in a survey right on the video and ask the views to leave their thoughts on the video itself or any other opinion they may have.

Another great video is showcasing your business, walk around the office, show the location, and any special items that help you stay in business. Instead of having an 'About Us' page with just writing on it, you can have a video of you having fun showing pride in your business.

It's okay to be camera shy if it's your first time filming, all you need to know is to turn that camera on and start recording. Remember don't complicate things, just keep it simple and do what comes naturally. It is your video, you are confident in your company and know what you are talking about so show it. "I found that after a few videos you become so comfortable with the camera it all comes naturally." IT helps to work with people that are co-operative, and you feel comfortable working with to help make every video education with a genuine feel to it. Preparing a script may seem unnecessary, but it contributes to keeping your thoughts in order. "I always have a script ready even if I don't use it or I just want to use part of it," you will always stay organize and on the topic. Afterward, you can edit and deliver a well put together video for your audience.

You will not only have a video about your business, but a way to continuously engage your audience. Never forget to add a call to action in your videos, it's how to engage the viewers. It is as simple as asking to "Take our survey to help us improve" or "Share your thoughts on this Topic" or even "To learn more read our Blog." Don't be afraid to ask them to leave comments, tell them to share your video with their social networks, it is an excellent way to help spread awareness of your business. You can build you business with your videos in the way of branding your company online with viewers and who knows you could even go viral.

Making a video for your business can be fun and rewarding, don't make it a chore, make it fun and enriching. Make video marketing work for your business by embracing what makes it work, Your Viewers!

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