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How To Start A Productive week in 4 Steps

Monday is a famous day for people to complain about, they always dread the coming of a Monday morning because they are not ready. So what should you do? It's simple, get ready before it comes. Monday can be your most productive day of the week as long as you take control.

As a new entrepreneur, you start everyday wearing many hats such as CEO, accountant, secretary and so on. Running an entire business by yourself or just a few employees don't leave room for anyone else to pick up the slack where you falter. The upside to this role is learning to invent new ways to be productive each day.

So let's try these tips to conquer Monday like a boss

Prioritize to win, if you are not planning out what is important to prioritize it, your productivity level goes down. One of the best ways to do this is towards the end of the week. Think of what projects or meetings you may need to attend so plan accordingly. "I spend my Saturday afternoon looking to what I accomplished last week and how much more work needs to be done." The most important part of planning is looking at your deadlines to know where you should be with your plans. It helps to schedule daily activities and work toward completing a goal.

Make plans ahead of time; as they say 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.' You can now help yourself define and prioritize your time more efficiently. Running a business is no joke, you should always be thinking ahead. Large companies plan their strategies and projects at least a year before taking action to avoid surprises and not lose out on profit. You need to think of what you want to accomplish every day, week, month and the year to see success. Having those time line plan out dictate your success rate for the company as a whole. It all starts with planning days ahead of Monday to make the most out of it. Towards the end of the week by the time Thursday and Friday all the work you put into Monday will show results. Think about your activities today and every day that you are working on your business. How much closer are you getting to your goals with those plans you are following? The goal is to get ahead not take steps back, so plan accordingly.

Don't schedule task or meetings just for the sake of scheduling. One of the worst ways you can waste your time is sitting around in meetings that have no real benefits to your business. Mondays are meant to be productive, do not sit around and revisit old information and random ideas that yield no results. You need to plan at the end of the week, so Monday morning meetings are productive, refreshing, and bear fruit. When you prepare, it sets the tone for the rest of the week to get you pump up and motivated. "I love to start Mondays by setting up my blogs and videos to make sure they get done on time." It gives you something to look forward to completing by weeks end. Set yourself up by being positive to motivate yourself to finish your work and boost your productivity level.

Take care of your body like you take care of your business. You only get one body and working hard every day to keep up with the demands of a business does put a toll on it. The most important thing to do is to eat whole foods, exercise, and take healthy dietary supplements to boost brain functions. Working long hours require proper nutrients so refrain from grabbing unhealthy meals and snacks. Good nutrition has a direct impact on your brain function; healthy meals equal healthy minds. Maintaining a steady level of glucose in your body keeps your focus sharp. "I take part of my Sunday afternoon to meal prep my food for the week and lay out snack packs to avoid picking up something unhealthy at the snack bar." The trick is to have small meals throughout the day, that is how you keep your glucose level balance. The next important thing you need to do is exercise! It is important to workout at least three days a week to not only preserve but improve brain function. "I found for my schedule it's best to plan workout days and not hours, so I workout five days a week either in the morning or afternoon." Never miss a Monday workout so that you won't be lazy with the rest of the week. Your health is the number one thing you need to keep up because without your health you can't accomplish anything else.

Monday morning should never be view as a negative part of your day; you should welcome it because you already have plans for it. Most of us have been condition to hate Mondays because we are not preparing to face it, well that stop today. All you have to do is get your schedule in order and set out plans you want to accomplish for the rest of the week. It's called optimizing your time to get the most out of it. The more prepared you are, the more you will get done on Monday. Planning not only lets you know what you need to get done, but you will be looking forward to Monday morning so you can start working.

Don't let Monday morning scare you, Monday should get ready for you to come for it! How do you prepare for Monday morning?

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