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Do You Want To Be The Boss?

As the years go by our living expenses for basic necessities just keep going up, and sadly our paychecks did not get the memo. At some point and time, we have to look beyond what our boss is paying up and create a paycheck for ourselves. Once we control where the majority of our income is coming from we can control our lifestyle. It's not just about how much money we make, it's about who controls that money. The best option is to create a vision that pays, turning a passion into more than a pass time hobby.

So let up get off the couch on our days off from our regular job and start working on our vision.

Decide On What You Want To Do (create a vision) Growing up as a child all I ever heard was 'you have to graduate college and earn a lot of money by being a doctor, engineer, and other high paying fields'. I never really had a dream of doing anything outside of the norm because I was always afraid of ending up on the street begging for money. It was not until years after I graduated high school and went to college that I broke away. I needed something to help with my stress and anxiety so I turn to music and art, something I have always love. I started creating costume pieces and props, painting, singing and notice how happy I was during my art hours. I was doing something I always love and It was like I could breathe again, I was finally happy. You need to think of what career makes you happy and bring you back to life so you can see the future in a clear vision. There is no point in spending a lifetime being miserable in a J.O.B. that makes your life hell every day you walk in. It is hard, but if you want to get out bad enough you will find that vision that's buried deep inside of you.

Create A Plan and Schedule Now that you have a vision its time to create a plan and schedule your days to reach success. With that said I would not jump into a crazy rigorous schedule if you are not used to a structured day, to begin with. One thing I have learned in changing my life is to take baby steps, walk, then run towards your vision if you want to get there. Yes, you need a plan, and no it does not have to be by anyone else's standards because what works for one person may not work for another. You need to sit and think of how your life is right now and what adjustments you will need to make to see a positive change. It is not realistic to say you are going to start waking up at 6 am every day when you work until 2AM in the morning and are used to getting up at 11 am in the day. Start by creating a plan for what you want to accomplish, write down your vision and take that in break it into stages. Plan out when you want each stage to happen so you can give yourself a deadline. Now you can create a schedule starting from a year to each month and even down to the day that you need your project finish. All you need to remember is that you are on no one else's schedule but your own, its all on when you want your vision to come to life. Plan based on your needs and wants for the lifestyle you want to create.

Decide How You Will Fund That Vision It goes without saying that we need to pay for what we want in life and cash is in demand. Diving into entrepreneurship will leave you fending for yourself majority if not one hundred percent of the time. You are taking one of the biggest gambles in your life, leaving the normal J.O.B of earning a living and going into a field with no guarantees. Most people around you work hard for their paychecks so it is understandable that they will not be supporting your 'maybe successful' venture in hopes of getting pay later on. That is why you have to figure out how you are going to fund your vision until it starts earning a return. One of the best ways I have learned to do this is by getting a seasonal J.O.B, it helps to cover the BARE necessities and allow me time to work on my vision. I have also look for numerous ways to earn income online from writing, posting videos, and affiliate partnerships to supplement income and save a little on the side. No one is responsible for funding your dreams because at the end of the day you will be the main one benefiting from the results and people do realize that. Do what you have to and grind until you start seeing results so you can upgrade your lifestyle and work less while earning more.

Work on A Pilot Draft With so much information available to us now, we can end up putting off a plan for years because we are trying to perfect it. Do yourself a favor and avoid years of waiting like I did and create a pilot for your business. Start with the basic of your idea, outline a simple plan and create steps for that plan. Remember to take 'baby steps' so you don't fall flat on your face, you are on your own timeline so there is no rush. Do like the pro on Television and create a pilot to get your ideal out to the public. Share your vision and start creating a fan base if you will that value what you have to offer. A pilot is a great way to earn some additional income that ties back to your business with your audience. Once you prove to your audience they can trust you and you have their best interest in mind they will believe in your vision. You can offer your audience something special, that is why you created this vision to make a difference in the world. Don't be scared and work your whole life in perfecting your business ideal for your vision, create a strong base and build from there.

Build A Better Version of Your Vision

After you have worked on your vision to turn it into a successful business it time upgrade. It is all about the upgrade because progress will always benefit your business. After you are done with one milestone in your vision it's only natural to improve on it, your business future depends on it. Once you have a business you are building on your vision you are working on something you are passionate about, so of course, you will continue to come up with new ideas and naturally want to make more progress. Take what you started with and look into how you can fine-tune each part and elaborate on them to create a more unique approach to what you have to offer.

Create Better Income Streams With business quality products cost quality prices, and that is where you can start to see the fruit of your labor. Remember you started working on this vision to not just share with your audience but to improve your lifestyle. That is why you turn that vision into a business, so the more you improve what you are providing to your audience you can build your income in the process. Start creating new materials that fit your clients, make your services more exclusive if you want to, offer additional material for those who want to improve even more. There is no limit to your vision so there should be no limit to your income potential. Learn more about your clients, create something to help those who are just starting and those who are well on their way.

Invest More It is not just about working to make money you need to be smart with that money. Take the extra step to start reading about investments, stocks and other options that allow your money to work for you. The best thing I learned to do back in 2015 was to start saving a little of what I earned. I did not just leave it sitting in the bank, I took a portion of that savings and started investing. A word of advice I have learned for big-time investors like warren buffet is to only invest what you can afford to lose. Take the time to learn about where to invest and get help from mentors who have been successful. Look for small investment opportunities like acorns to get you started while you learn along the way. Remember that knowledge is power and when it comes to investing your hard earn money, look for opportunities but read more to make the right decisions.

At the end of the day, we may feel lost, but we have to remember that as long as we keep moving forward we can always find our way. I love to have my freedom to create, but recently I have started directing my energy and passion in the direction I want my life to go and you can do the same too. All you have to do is find that passion you are willing to sacrifice for. Ask yourself 'can I see the vision?' 'Can I see the bigger picture even if no one else can?'. You have to know in your heart that you can do what you set out to do because you have a passion for it. If you don't believe in anything else at lease believe in yourself to bring your vision to life.

Visions build successful companies because they are your passion so if you want to be the boss start working on your vision today!

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