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Start Building A Business That You Own

How often do you see a company handed to a CEO for doubling profit in a year? In the real world that is not even a possibility, companies are in business to make money. When you work for a company no matter the position you are what you are, an employee. No matter how hard you work, the outcome is just a bonus and Or a promotion for a job well done. The company's yearly profits and new ideas you brought to the business stays in that company year after year. So how about learning to work smart to invest in yourself and build a business that supports the lifestyle you deserve.

Time is an incredible but limited resource because once it is gone, you can never get it back. That is why you need to learn to make the most out of it. Falling to a low point in life is embarrassing, degrading, and just soul crushing. Nothing breaks the human spirit like poverty, building a business to support your lifestyle will change who you are for the better. I learn the hard way that whoever controls your money control you. So the solution was creating multiple income streams to control when and how much income I receive. Physically working for money is grueling work, hard labor for little pay. I quickly realize that to gain success I needed to implement others to help me. Your core-self defines your success in life with the actions you take. Building healthy habits ensure my success in managing my money, earning a living income, and continuing to improve my life. You work hard for your money, get rewarded by having your money work for you in return.

Money travels around the world every day through banks, businesses, and just your everyday people. All you have to do is tap into those funds to start your business. Use donations from others for your cause, offer information for a small fee, conduct workshops to provide classes and training to earn the funds your business requires. When I started working on my own business, I regularly heard some of the same statements from people.

“Self-employed people have to work all the time because they have to do everything themselves.”

“To start a business, you need a lot of money and a big college degree.”

“It took me forever to pay off my debts, and I have an excellent job, how will you support yourself with no job.”

“In this economy, if you do not have a steady job that provides a steady paycheck every two weeks you can not make a living income.”

I never let anything others say discourage me because no two people are alike. Others opinion are their own, not a reflection on what you want to do with your life. “I have always found that keeping family and business separate keeps your mind clear, and allows me to make calculated decisions.” The idea is to use your education to grow rich, not spend a lifetime in hard labor. Do your research, come to a decision based on facts that create wealth.

What education in the classroom or outside the classroom has made a difference in your financial status?


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