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Do You Have Core Values: Why You Should Start Creating Some Today

Your life is more than going to work and paying bills; you should do what makes you happy. The best advice in life is to follow your passion, do what makes your soul come alive. It is simple, take what you believe in and turn that into your career. Once you define your core values, everything becomes clear as day. You start living with more passion; your life has a purpose again.

Who are you on the inside? Answer that simple question and it will make all the difference in your life. Think of just about any company you know or work for, there is always a business value. Using a strategy help to state clearly what the company us about and what they stand for. Creating your personal core values is simply once you explicitly create and start maintaining them.

Clearly articulate your core values in writing. Having values, you believe in mean that you live by those values. Everyday decisions, actions, and thoughts should reflect those values. One's personal core values are a guideline which they live by to make decisions and choices. Most people wonder how their life turn out if control. It is because you are most likely just living with no guidance and going with what others say. Having your personal code of honor to follow and upholding that code help you live a more fulfilled, rewarding lifestyle.

Your time and money are your most valuable personal resources. Build core values that help you maximize and utilize both efficiently. Once you start building personal relationships, thinking of business partners, or even where you live your core values become essential. No two people have the exact Core values to match one another, but we use them to make most decisions in our lives. Simply put, I created my core values to take control of my life, to think for myself, and build a future I can be proud of.

These are my top three core values that have made a dramatic impact on my life:

Personal Health and Fitness

Most people never think twice about investing in their health. The hard truth is that your body will need even more of that TLC as you age. One of my top values in life is to take care of my body, mentally and physically. I remember reading one of the best quotes I have ever come across

“ Take care of your body, It's the only place you have to live by Jim Rhon."

Over the years when I was younger physical fitness was never important to me, I look good so I ignorantly thought I must be healthy. That was far from the truth, looking back I remember always being tired, having trouble sleeping, and just not feeling good on most days. Fast forward years later I make it a point to be as healthy as I can every day. I have no time to waste on energy lost or feeling sick from eating something unhealthy. Health is important to me because I understand without your health nothing gets done. You can't run your business; you can enjoy family and friends, or travel and experience the wonders in this world. I make it a point to exercise three days a week doing cardio and strength training, why? To keep my body healthy and get my feel good vibe going. Taking care of a business takes time, energy to performing at optimum level. Some of the most successful people today, they all talk about how they make time to take care of their health mentally and physically. Maintaining your health allow you to age gracefully. You will be able to do things in your 80s that you did in your 30s. I value my health because I want to not only create a luxury lifestyle, but I want to live a long healthy life to enjoy that lifestyle.

Financial freedom

Anyone who says money does not make a difference in your life either never had to go without money or they never had enough money in their life to make a dramatic lifestyle change. I value Financial freedom because I want to achieve a lifestyle that I can be proud of. I am creating a business to help others and myself reach our personal goals without waiting for someone else to hand us an opportunity. The world revolves around money, no two way about it, the best thing you can do is to learn to play the game of money. Learn to not only get in the game and WIN!.

I was never a person that worried about money because I always had just enough to take care of my bills. Then one day I had no job, no savings, and a mountain of debts that was staring back at me with no way to pay it. That is when I learn the real meaning of money in this world; it means freedom! Financial freedom is important to me not just because of the money because it is the only true freedom in this world to live a full life. Living a poor lifestyle has thought me some valuable lessons that I would not trade for the world. It was pretty much me deeply asleep, and someone was throwing a bucket of cold water on my face to wake me up. It was worth the shock because that wake-up call was the beginning of my journey to financial freedom.

Financial freedom is more than just having money; that was more than clear to me. My core value in achieving real financial freedom is more into having the freedom to do the things I genuinely enjoy in life. To others, it may seem all about the money, but to me having financial freedom is gaining the success to allow me time and privilege to make the absolute best out of life.

Giving back to the world

I moved to the United States when I was very young from the West Indies. We did not live in the streets, but we did not have much. Our family lived in one room with family for months until we could move out in our place. I always remember people helping my family when they could, and I can personally tell you that helping others is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

I am a firm believer in giving back to the world. If you are grateful for everything you have, you may want to consider giving back a little to the world. Having a core value that enables you to think of others help you grow in so many ways. By global standards, if you own a car, you can eat a warm meal a day, have the security of a home, and some other simple creature comfort you are rich. Giving back not only benefit others but it helps you even if you don't realize it. You learn to appreciate simple things like your health when you see a sick person; you can find pure joy by smiling with a child that you volunteer with for the day. Volunteering helps me learn character traits about myself I never though I possess. You can even expand your social circle with the people you meet at these events. Be the kind of person you want to be around, if you want to attract a positive lifestyle start living it.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

How can you start to give back?

Everyone has something they can share with the world, a set of skills, time, and if you are able your money that will contribute to others.

Take The Next Step today

Your core values define who you become in this world and how you continue to live that life. Creating core values allows you to have your belief and not let others lead you with their values. I have my three core values to remember to take care of myself, have the freedom I want, and to remember to be grateful for the life I have. Go and find a quiet place and take the time to think about your Core values to take control of your life. Click here to Take our Survey

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