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What does it take to change: Self-Development Practices to Grow

As we grow up, people and events around you have an influence on the person we become when we grow into adulthood. One thing we can be sure of is not having complete control over events that takes place in our lives. What we can control is how we deal with those situations to shape who we become. We all have the potential to change into a better version of ourselves and grow; the choice is whether we want to change.

With every new day, we are presented with the opportunity of growth, take it and start making a difference in your life. Once we feel that our life as gone down the wrong road we want to change and fix our life. The problem is not knowing how to make that change; you just have to be willing to make that change. Events in life may have dictated the choices you've done, but now it is time to stop being a victim and take control of your destiny.

Making the decision to change had nothing to do with what was going on around me, it was always about "The Core Values" I needed to set up for myself. I learn through self-development practices a few ways to change who I am to become who I want to be.

Be Willing To Make The Change Anyone who has ever needed help got it by doing one simple thing, they asked for help and was willing to change. If you want to grow change is the only way you will make progress as a person. Many people go through an internal battle with themselves; they are against changing, but they want to. Changing as an individual may be the hardest trial you have to go trough, but the results are worth winning that internal battle with yourself. Choosing to ignore areas that need improvements in ourselves only serve to stop our growth to a better life. Your mind dictates how you live your life, open your thoughts and be willing to change, allow yourself to grow into the person you want to become.

Enough With The Excuses When I was completely bankrupt, I made all the excuses in the world why I was left with no money or assets. I work so hard to pay bills; I invested all my time and asset in others only to end up with nothing. However, when I was honest with myself, I realize that I allow my life to get out of control. No one made me do the work, I never had to hand over my money and assets, I just made bad decisions, and now I was paying for it. The day my life started improving was when I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop making excuses and change the things I did not agree with. Take responsibility for your mistakes; it is the most important part of your personal growth. Acknowledge that you made a mistake than create a plan to correct that mistake with motivated actions.

Stop Being Angry At it All Anger is one of your most powerful emotions; it can lead you to places you never wanted to be or do things that are completely out of character. It alters your decision-making skills; it can damage valuable relationships with families and friends, even cause significant healthy issues.

I could remember being angry at the little things that someone said or did. Then I learn to stop letting people control my anger when someone has the power to evoke that high of emotion from you; they do control you. Controlling your anger may not be easy, but it can be done with just a few, yet simple tricks. The first thing I always do is realize that after a problem as occur all I could do was look for a solution. So My advice is to stop, assess the situation, determine a solution, and start implementing actions to solve your problem instead of wasting time and energy on anger.

Be A Role Model (Even if it's just to Yourself) Your character speaks volumes about you when others look up to you. Having others look up to you for guidance works as a great motivator to get your personal life together. You just need that little inspiration sometimes to help you stay on track and continue to have an upstanding attitude on life. Becoming an entrepreneur was not just about me, it was about the business I believed in and wanted to see come alive. People were looking for information from me and believe in what I was telling them, so I needed to be caution about my business and behavior. I never wanted to disappoint people by destroying my character or not following through with my promises.

It does not have to be you coaching a room full of people; I started with myself. I always have though if you can't keep your promise to yourself then there is no point in making a promise to anyone elese. Make the decision to start being that respected person that others look up to.

Listening is critical to great results Life can run away from you when you are busy with family, friends, and building a business. In today's society just about everyone is living a fast paste lifestyle, so we never have time just to stop and listen. Most people only hear about three of every ten words you say, chances are they are not listening to most of what you are saying. One important part of changing is learning to listen actively to others. Listen to others is not just hearing what they have to say, it's giving them a voice through you. Meeting new people will have an impact on your life, how big of an impact is center on how much you got out of that meeting. Listen to others can help you develop connections that will last a lifetime. Being a good listener changes not only who you are but who you will become.

Think of more than yourself We can quickly become selfish in today's world and not even realize it was happening. Once you want to make that change keeping an open mind helps you to not pre-judge others and intern grow into a better person. You are taking the first step to understanding others, why not go all the way and commit to putting them first when communicating.

Changing and learning more about the world allows you to feel more empathy fo rothers. You will find rewards in not just committing to yourself but thinking on how to enhance someone else's life.

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is practically non-existent in our modern society, with world corruption, hunger, and some other factors it is getting harder and harder to stay honest. If you ever find yourself in the worst possible situation honesty could be your best bet. Make a promise today to yourself to be frank and open about who you are and what you stand for.

Challenging yourself to keep your integrity by being honest is a great change for your character. When you have known that you are doing the right thing and following all the rules life will become more simple. Each day you can focus on becoming a better you, not worrying about keeping stories together and high-stress level.

Real changes happen on the inside, not outside, so it is important we learn to be the change we want. Most people think they can never change who they are. The real change can only start when you decide to change yourself. How will you change?

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