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How To Grow out of Financial Childhood Mindset

Growing up I remember never wanting to spend the little money I would receive from family members. I was never a material girl, so materialistic things never had much value to me. I would have $5 for weeks and because I had nothing to buy it would stay in the wallet.

The damage came when I got older, others around me would ask why do I save money when it is for me spend. I started thinking that 'why not just spend it, I can always earn more.' After l began working in a high school, I would make over $450 every two weeks, and it would not be enough. For a high school kid without a mortgage or car payment, I should have thought about saving that money. Instead, I would go out with friends and spend money without thinking, buy gifts for family members without worrying about the cost on my credit cards. The only thing that was getting me was further into debt with me not aware of the financial struggle ahead. Now I know what a precious commodity time is I regret all those hours I wasted seating around complaining about being bored.

I can say I would not change my past experiences over the recent years because they shape who I am today. The difference today is knowing that making a commitment to financial freedom means changing old and poor financial habits. One of my favorite pastimes is working out, whether it is strength training or running, even a little morning yoga leaves me feeling rejuvenated. I have learned discipline and restraint from taking care of my body; once I started seeing results, I knew I could implement the same tactic in my everyday life. I started planning, keeping up with my expenses, and learning how to grow my wealth.

I recently began working 20 hours a week in a span of four days, so I schedule the rest of the week to focus on my business. I am in the beginning stage; every day I plan out a schedule to use my hours wisely. I create an action plan for the week, and I set breaks to ensure I don't burn out. I wake up at 7 AM to get ready, In the morning I take the time to stretch, meditate, and take care of myself.

Developing my plan did not only involve a plan to start working on my business, but I also started resting properly, getting proper nutrition, and living a more balanced lifestyle. It is important to balance out working and taking the time to relax and enjoy your life. Your body is a working machine itself; you need to keep it well oil and properly feed to keep your energy up for the day. One of my practice is holding a 28oz bottle of cold water on my desk to drink throughout the day. I refill it about three times for the day to make sure I stay hydrated. Now I could focus on building my business and keeping myself healthy.

After three years in debts with no job or money to support myself I realize that keeping up with my finances was crucial. I grew up from that childhood mindset of spending more than I earn and building debts that I was not able to pay. Growing up involves more than just being able to drive a car, or be in control of when and where you go out. It is a whole new world where you are responsible for yourself financially. Planning to be financially free takes works, planning, creating an action plan to follow to achieve success. Taking the time to acknowledge bad habits and behaviors is the first step to making a lasting change. Make sure to monitor your daily activities to ensure that you are following through with your new commitment.

Changing your life to gain financial freedom start with you making the decision to take control of your life. Financial freedom is not easy, but worth every effort that it takes.

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