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Why Don't You Just Go With It? Fight To Be Free

Ever since I could remember my life path was set to go the traditional route. It started with going to school; a classroom education was mandatory. School became everything to me; fear was the constant motivator. In my world, if you did not succeed in school, attain a degree to secure a high paying job you were a failure. Coming from a poor background, a steady paycheck with retirement benefits sounded ideal.

In 2008 I started freshman year in college away from home, it only lasted the first half of the semester. By the end of the summer, I was back home working at my old job, the worst for me was attending a little community college. Over the years I study hard and plan to attend a large university; success was in my grasp. Coming back home to attend a community college was beyond shameful in my perspective. A temporary situation quickly turned into a more permanent position. The harsh reality of my life was starting to sink in. For the first time, I felt defeated, corner, and I must say depress. I had major responsibilities, working full time, helping with supporting family drained me mentally and physically. One day the pressure finally got to me, It was like a wall of resistance building around me brick by brick. I was not going to let it build up where I could no longer climb over and get out.

Freedom is not Free

The ultimate goal in rebooting your life is to gain liberty and luxury of a new and improved lifestyle. The most important thing to me was my freedom, the freedom to live the life I deserve. Before I would take that step back to regular work, my mind would always scream “NO!” The point was to rebuild a better lifestyle, my need for freedom was louder than the voice of my fear. I did not want a job I wanted to rebuild my life on my terms.

The best part about this whole experience was learning to be resilient; I never gave up on the vision I created. I was determined to see results; I made it a point to take critical steps to not only successfully rebuild my life but keep improving my new lifestyle. I learn to strengthen my thoughts; this allowed me to take action that in the end enable me to change my way of life. In just a few years of hardship my entire perspective on life change. Now I make, calculated decisions based on facts, not opinions. I exercise control in all areas such as finance, career, and even life's pleasures. I will ask myself:

“Is this investment of time and money worth the return I will receive?”

“Am I making a smart decision when it comes to my money?

Each experience did not come without a valuable lesson; I learn to pay attention and catch just about everyone that came my way. It took me a few years to get back on track, but failure was not an option, so I push forward.

Failure is a great teacher, every experience I either succeeded or learn something new. I finally realize “I have control over my life; I can take charge at any time to fix all problems that come along.” Once I believe in those words, I knew it was possible to regain a better lifestyle. Start with a solid foundation, take the time your life is worth to plan out a successful future. Education is worth every effort; the trick is to find rewards by working smart. Rising from a rough patch of life is hard work, but it is not only possible also worth the struggle.

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