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How To Be a Self Starters and Make Money with Local Businesses

Go out and not only build a lucrative business, offer your clients a service that can help develop their business. Be a self-starter and turn local business needs into sufficient income.

How to go about local marketing

Online marketing is highly competitive and must we say volatile. Changes happen so quickly that any work done overnight could be rendered useless and you wake up to a brand new market. The though is to be profitable in the first place when you start in such a competitive arena. However, you do have another option to be successful online and avoid the millions of competition looking to make a living like you. Take a look at your local business and notice the areas they are suffering and how you could help. Believe it or not, they could use your help to keep them in the game and get new costumes through the door. Local adds like yellow pages have become obsolete and cost an arm and a leg. Competing with online companies have gotten harder, and local business needs your help compete with online companies.

That is where you can assist the business to survive and thrive while adding a little cash in your pocket. Your skills can be used to help local business with promotion online and offline with new campaigns and ideas.

Where To Find Clients

Start by looking for new customers, don't worry because this part is easier than is sounds, you have multiple ways of locating them. Setting up a website is a great way to showcase not only your talents but post any reviews by past client to build credibility. You can now send current and potential customers information. Make sure to have your website URL on all printed materials such as brochures, business cards, and even flyers.

On your website make sure to include information such as:

· Examples of past work you have completed · A full page on the type of service you provide · A contact form for clients to get in touch with you to get quotes, answer questions and more

Now you have a website setup you want to have a few printed materials. Have a few business cards on hand to pass out; Vista print has a great QR code you can add to your card to send your visitors to any link you desire. That code will come in handy because just about everyone is online today. Brochures and flyers are relatively cheap to print even in colors. The printed material are not a must so if you cant afford it don't sweat.

Walking In and asking A Business

Now let us find those clients, take the bold step of going personally to the local business. Walk into a business during their slow hours and try to speak with the owner or manager. Depending on the business the hours differ from each one. Try to get the owner because they will be the ones making the final decisions. When you get there if the owner or manager is not available, leave your business card, flyer or brochures for them to contact you. Your printed material comes in handy to leave behind, so your presence stays in that business. Owners are usually busy so even if you don't get a callback go and visit the company again to meet the owner.

Try Cold Calling the Client and More

It is not ideal to cold call customers because people call business all the time for donation, surveys, and some other reason. First look through the yellow pages for companies without websites or with a low ranking. Give them a call and introduce yourself and explain in under five minutes of what you do and how you can help them. Once they voice interest set up an appointment to talk to the owner in person. Meet them at their office or preferably place of business to brainstorm and give an acute quote.

Brochures, Flyers, Letters and business cards

Printing materials are not as efficient like once they were, but a few printed materials can help. Business cards can be your best friends and come in handy when you meet prospects. Once you introduce yourself with a five minutes elevator pitch hand your business card with your name, phone number, site URL, and your business model.

Chamber of Commerce Meetings

Different areas each have a chamber of commerce or other business organization. Work out your schedule to attend all the meetings to get a chance to meet with the owners. Networking for business purpose is the primary reason for visiting, business owners are looking to increase their business. Take at lease 500 business cards to hand out, bring a table with internet to showcase your work to potential clients. Just take it slow at these meetings, you are just introducing yourself not selling. Instead, spend the time asking people about their business and listen. Answer questions about your business when they ask, then you can hand them your business card.

Use Craigslist to promote

Use this site to first look for business who are already looking for some help. Browse the ads first before placing your own, if you don't have craigslist use your local add space. Place your ad in the business section, so your clients can find you.

Top 3 Online Local Business Directories

Google Create A brand page verify profile link Youtube chanel

Bing Claim your listing Complete your listing profile Verify your listing

Yahoo! Submit listing Claim listing on search engine verify listing

Target the right companies

Just because a company comes up on your list does not always mean its a fit for your business. A restaurant can always use promotion for a new foot in the doors, while a manufacturing company that has pre-orders can overlook the advertising. Focus on companies that can and will benefit from your service.

Some examples:

- Locally owned restaurants - Locally owned consumer goods shops like clothing stores, shoe stores, hobby shops, craft shops, bookstores, etc. - Local product delivery (food, groceries, flowers, etc.)

Go in prepared with a Script

Never go to a meeting without preparing with a script of who you are, what you do, and how your service will be an asset to the business. Make sure to put in a few hours to practice that script so you can memorize it well. You want to make the script more sound conversational and NOT scripted. It helps you sound genuine and make it easy to talk about your business.

Prepare a list of just about any possible objections you think you may run across (price, time-frame, effectiveness, and more.) It will help cover all your basis and be prepared to negotiate with the client. The more prepare you are, the more likely you are to get the job.

Services You may want to provide

Never limit the type of services you can provide, just remember you are growing your skills every day. You have a variety of skills you can provide to business owners. An easy first one is designing a website, use platforms like Wix or WordPress to find standard themes you can modify for the company. Any skills you have trouble with or are not proficient with can always be outsourced. Offer various marketing services; this move will set you apart from other standard web development companies.

Include services such as: -Google Local Submission

- Have email marketing setup and management

- SEO (Search Engine Optimizer)

- Social media setup and management

- Develop creative contest and giveaways

- Develop scripts for videos and submission online

Remember those special packaging offers, take those services is bundle them up. Set up the different level, price range, and business needs that match for the clients to choose. Remember you are working with hosting companies and domains, so why not make more with the affiliate links that just about all of them provide. Referring clients to use the same companies through an affiliate link spells out a payout for you from the companies. You are not only providing a service, but you are referring your clients to companies you know and trust. Do your best to give customers excellent packages and do not overwhelm them.

Start planning today to discover the best way to build a profiting business. The goal is to start making money with a quality business, so start thinking today.

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